What Are The Results Of Diet And Exercise?

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We hear and read a lot about diet and exercise. We hear that we should work out more and eat better. But why is this? What are the benefits?

The biggest reason is to improve our health. Eating better can decrease our chances of developing serious health problems like diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer. There are certain kinds of foods that should be avoided and others that should be consumed regularly.

The best way to decrease the chances of stroke and heart disease which can lead to heart attacks is to avoid fatty foods. A diet full of sugary foods will increase the chances of developing diabetes. Sugary and fatty foods do nothing more than give empty calories that fill you up without providing any nutrition. The damage they do can actually offset the good things done when you do eat healthy stuff.

By adding more fruits and vegetables to your plate, you provide yourself with vitamins, minerals and fiber that are needed for basic functions like those of the kidneys, liver and other organs. Vitamins and minerals have antioxidant powers which, in essence, means that they heal unhealthy cells.

Fiber helps food move more quickly through the body which many believe prevents bad substances from causing cancer. Fiber also aids in regulating blood sugar, which in turn, staves off diabetes. It may also reduce kidney stones and gallstones.

With exercise, you make your body more efficient. Bigger muscles burn more calories and use energy more efficiently. Cardio exercise makes better use of oxygen, ensuring that it gets properly delivered to all areas of the body, including the brain, heart and all individual cells. Exercise also releases endorphins which improve state of mind and relieve stress.

To go along with the healthy benefits, diet and exercise will also help you look better. Shedding fat and losing weight are good for your health but will also show visible results that will make you feel better about yourself. Training specific muscles will increase muscle tone and firmness.

So, the most important reason to exercise and improve diet is what you cannot see: your health. But you also get the additional bonus of looking and feeling better about yourself as you go along. Be sure to consult your physician before making any major dietary changes or before starting a workout routine. He or she will guide you through the process of a healthier way of life that best suits your individual health needs.

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