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Have you been put off using weights as part of your regular exercise program because you don’t want great big muscles, well don’t worry. Using weights you will build muscle mass, but you won’t end up looking like Arnie. This is one reason while many women won’t use weights, because of the big muscle factor.

Adding some strength training exercise to your fitness workouts will make you stronger and more healthy. You will build and strengthen those muscles, but you won’t have to look like the Incredible Hulk. Muscle consumes more calories than fat will, which is good.

Keep your muscles as healthy as your heart by combining the two different types of exercise. Try running for your heart health and weight training for your muscle health. Include the two types of exercises in your weekly routine.

Strong muscles are as important as strong hearts so do both types of exercise. Gaining muscle mass will have you burning calories easier than before, so weights will only help reduce your fat rather than just cardio on its own.

There is no reason for concern with weight training as long as you are not trying to lift very heavy weights and continuously adding more weights, then you are not going to produce huge bulging muscles. So using the right weight and doing a decent amount of reps will strengthen your muscles without adding to much size.

If you were to take a leg that was a bit flabby and measure around it with a tape, then start using weights combined with a cardio workout. You would find that over a period of time you are going to lose the fat and develop the muscle in the leg. The leg will end up with a better shape and it will probably measure less than it did before when it was flabby.

Sit ups or crunches will never burn away fat in the abdominals, so performing hundreds of reps of these exercises will never expose a six pack. The fat that covers that area has to get burned off and a combo of cardio and weights is what will attack fat all over the body.

As we start to get older our bodies start to gradually lose muscle and we tend to let it turn into fat and gain weight. This makes it difficult to do all the things we once used to take for granted. By training with weights we will reduce the effect of the ageing process, staying fitter and stronger for longer.

Don’t be scared of using weights, you won’t get big muscles, you will only get stronger. Weight Training you will get you a toned body and help lose your high body fat content. Visit ExerciseWeights.Org and find out more about training with weights. Drop the fat and get trim with a combination of weights and cardiovascular workouts.

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