How To Lift Weights Safely For Fitness, Bodybuilding And Sports Performance

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One of the most important aspects of your fitness or bodybuilding program- regardless of your level of training or the type of training that you perform- weightlifting safety. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder or powerlifter, or just looking to increase your sports performance- safety should be the foundation of your training program. The accompanying […]

Health and Fitness Facts and Myths Exposed

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Just like all other rumors that you might hear there are truths and fictions about health and fitness too. Someone hears something like a great exercise tip at the local gym. We are likely to take a person of authority more seriously than any other person. The lies you might hear can cause you physical […]

Considering The Consequences Of Cholesterol On Health And Fitness

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Even considering there is a great deal of focus nowadays on cholesterol being bad and how it impacts your heart, the truth is something different. Cholesterol is a vital part of your body functions. Numerous people get confused by the existence of both good and bad types of cholesterol. The body does not normally need […]

Starting A Life Of Health And Fitness

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Health and fitness are topics that are in everybody’s mouths. What’s the newest fad diet? Does it work? Where can you go for a workout? Are there workouts that guarantee weight loss. These are just some of the questions that people keep asking these days. But even if it is the fad these days, only […]

Experience Health And Fitness Through Pilates

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With the pressure to look and feel good, people nowadays are wise to regard exercising as a critical part of living. Pilates, the exercise of modern people actually brings total health and fitness for someone to enjoy life to the fullest. And although a person may usually complain that the road to a healthy living […]