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Beginning Weight Training: 7 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Trainer

Most weight training programs use a variety of equipment, such as barbells, free weights, and stationary gym machines, to provide a well-rounded routine. Although you may think that establishing a beginning weight training program is easy, going it alone may not be the best solution. In fact, enlisting the help of a certified personal trainer can get your workouts off to a much safer start.

There are a many advantages to hiring a personal trainer to help you with weight training. Here are just as few:

1. A personal trainer provides you with individualized instruction based on your current fitness level. Your trainer is educated on assessing what your body can and cannot do and will design a workout regimen accordingly. During a workout, your trainer can monitor your progress and add intensity or slow things down a bit if needed. The end result is a workout tailored to your body and fitness goals.

2. Your progress is monitored on a regular basis. Regular weight training sessions under the watchful eye of your personal trainer is the best way to keep tabs on the effectiveness of your program. If your progress stalls, your trainer can add new, targeted exercises to get off the plateau. Your training will become more specialized as you build strength and stamina.

3. You’re more likely to stick to your workout schedule. Hiring a personal trainer involves a financial commitment that helps you stay on track. If you’ve pre-paid for 10 training sessions, for example, you have strong motivation to show up for your workout.

4. Your weight training workouts will be safe. Let’s face it, lifting weights and pushing your body to become stronger can be dangerous. With a personal trainer watching your moves, you’re less likely to incur injuries from bad form or incorrect movements.

5. You’ll have a motivational model to admire. Most personal trainers are fit, which makes them good role models as you work toward your fitness goals. Try to select a trainer that has a body shape you admire and talk to her about how she achieved it. There is much to be learned from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and has achieved a high level of fitness.

6. You’ll get access to insider tips and hidden tricks of the trade. Your personal trainer should have a wealth of ideas for getting you fast results with the least amount of effort. And if one exercise doesn’t work, she’ll have another one up her sleeve! Follow your trainer’s lead and learn from her experience. Before you know it, you’ll have the hard body of your dreams.

7. You’re more likely to get positive results. Your personal trainer is getting paid to transform your body and is highly-motivated to help. (After all, if you get great results, you’re likely to sign up for more training sessions!) You’ve hired this person to help you achieve your fitness goals. Use this to your advantage by following your trainer’s instructions before, during, and after your workouts.

Beginning weight training requires motivation and commitment. The process of transforming your body from flab to fit won’t happen overnight – or even next week. But having the support and motivation of a personal trainer is the best way to achieve your dream body quickly and safely.

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