Top 10 Myths About Health Care Reform

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It is unfortunate that the so-called debate over health care reform has degenerated into the usual political mess. It does not help that many advocates of reform essentially default to a position in favor of total government takeover, just as it is counterproductive for opponents to call all reformers closet communists. The fact is, U.S. […]

A Sensible Guide to Bodybuilding Weight Training

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Most bodybuilders and all other individuals who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness are getting into and starting weight training programs to further improve their physical fitness levels. Two of the keys to successfully enhancing these bodybuilding weight training programs are using variable methods of exercise as well as engaging in cycle […]

Top 8 Changes Coming From Health Care Reform

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Recently, President Obama and the U.S. government passed a Health Care Reform Bill that is likely to see the greatest reform in the health care system since 1965 when Medicare was first introduced. These changes will affect in some way or another every U.S. citizen. Some people will benefit greatly from the mandatory changes. Others […]